Easy Coffee Fundraising

Earn up to 40% margin on Old Canal Roasters brand coffee, in bags or single serve cups. Cafe D’vita chai too.


We’re coffee fanatics. We roast on a pair of Sivetz fluid bed coffee roasters -  the best way to roast as far as we’re concerned. We’ve been “ridin’ the fundraising wave” partnering with groups like yours for almost 20 years!

Managing your fundraiser is simple. This is how it works. Your team takes orders for our coffee. You collect the money from your sellers and send the order forms to us. We enter the orders, then send you a complete and easy-to-follow accounting of your entire order within a couple of days. You'll know exactly what was sold and how much profit each seller generated. Then we roast and package your coffee and other products. Finally, we make sure you receive your order complete, correct, and on time.  Complete, correct, on time.


You can double or triple your income by doing more than one coffee fundraiser a year. A lot of our fundraising partners do this and it works because people love our coffee and look forward to the next fundraiser so they can purchase more.

Hassle-free fulfilment

Products branded with your logo


We’ve designed a fundraising program around our awesome coffee and we’ve been doing it for almost 20 years. Taking and fulfilling orders is easy.

Our own kids were pretty active in school so we were involved with a lot of different fundraisers. We learned what worked and what didn’t. The most effective fundraisers were those that incorporated direct sales.  Our kids grew up and we found ourselves roasting coffee. In 2005, a customer of ours approached us with the idea of using our coffee as a fundraiser for one of their kid’s sports teams, It made sense. We realized the potential. Since then, our coffee has made a big impact helping groups earn significant sums every year for their programs. Get in touch now.

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#Coffee Fundraising ProductsChai Tea and Hot Cocoa Mixes12.8 Ounce Bulk Coffee with custom label.Single-serve coffee in 24 count box


Because it’s easy to sell our Roasted Gourmet Coffee from Wabash, Indiana.

  Everybody loves our coffee, chai tea, and hot cocoa.



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We began roasting gourmet coffee in 2005 and our fundraising program kicked off the same year. We’ve helped schools, sports teams, and other groups raise thousands of dollars every year since then.

We’re committed to providing an exemplary experience to our affiliate sponsoring organizations, their members and their customers by being innovators and quality fanatics.

Sivetz Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster.


Quirky neon coffee sign - kind of like us.Small batch roasting.Selling our coffee builds team spirit.Request More InformationContact Us